Instagram Earn Money Online Fraud

Hello friends I am here to explain you how some scammers are stealing money of unaware people . And they say that they are teaching how to earn 4k to 5k daily let’s see what they do and how the do.
How do they pick a target
1-They advertise their schemes on meme pages because most of the useless people can be found from the following lists of meme pages.

you can see such ads in story section of every meme pages

2- They send direct messages to the victims.
How they convince their targets
1- They post the chats of satisfied customers (which is totally fake).

2- They post photos with money, luxury cars and with my phone to prove that they are really rich.

3- They pay high traffic meme pages for advertisement to prove them self real.
What they do when the target is convinced –
1-They ask the victims to pay a fee.
2-Or they will say wait when the scheme available soon (and after a few hours they ask the target to pay fees if you wants to earn money).
What when the target pays the fee-
They send them a pdf which I have provided you at the bottom of this post in which you will get some common ways to earn money online like make a video on YouTube, be a blogger start affiliate marketing but learn these things you don’t need to pay them for these .